The Sterling School

The Sterling School was founded in 1999 to meet the needs of Dyslexic and Language Based Learning Disabled children using research-based methodology. It was apparent that in the New York City area, there were only a handful of schools that had any sort of program for Dyslexic children and few with a specialized curriculum designed specifically for them. The mission of The Sterling School is to provide that curriculum. Reading, writing, spelling and language arts are addressed using a sequential, direct multi-modal methodology known as Orton-Gillingham. Students receive instruction in classrooms where there is a 1 to 8-teacher student ratio. In addition to daily individual remediation which provides an individualized, integrated learning environment.

Our Mission

The Sterling School provides educational opportunities for children diagnosed with Language Learning Disorders. They can attend a school where the curriculum and methodology are based on the latest clinical research. Our educational program is designed to promote individual academic growth and foster self-esteem through success

Ruth Arberman

The Founder of the Sterling School is Ruth Arberman; MEd + MS., Ms. Arberman has been a reading specialist for 35 years. She has actively sought out extra training to broaden her knowledge in this area. Ms. Arberman also has completed a Master's in Educational Administration.
She is a certified member of the Orton-Gillingham Academy and also has a background in art. Ms. Arberman believes that the goal of her school is to foster reading skills in all children and make reading a joy rather than a chore.

Prior to founding The Sterling School, Ms. Arberman ran the Reading Program at The State College of Optometry, (SUNY) Learning Disabilities Unit. During her 17-year tenure there, she was recognized for her outstanding professionalism. The International Dyslexia Society awarded Ms. Arberman The Jo-Ellen Gorden Memorial Award for Service to the Learning Disabled Community. The NYS Reading Association bestowed an award for Literacy Advocacy. 
Ms. Arberman approached the problem of a school; program for children with Dyslexia from the standpoint of both a learning disabilities specialists and a parent of a Dyslexic son (now a college graduate). The small intimate supportive culture of Sterling is as integral as the researched based methodology used in the classroom.

Ruth Arberman:
Founder and Director of The Sterling School

Mr. Treuting: Classroom Teacher

Majellas Warren: Classroom Teacher
Alex Dekhterman: Classroom Teacher
Irene Lee- Reading Specialist- Orton -Gillingham trained specialist
Toni Ceaser - Reading Specialist- Orton-Gillingham trained specialist
Michael Schroder: Reading/Math Specialist/Learning Disabilities Specialist
Ira Rubenstien- Math/ ELA Teacher
Arielle Weiner: Guidance Counselor
Mark Kanter- Speech/Language Pathologist
Helen Rothwax: Speech/Language Pathologist
Elizabeth Diaz- CODA- Occupational Therapy

The Sterling School, 134 Atlantic Ave Brooklyn, NY 11201, 917-909-0942